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Unlike other Astrologers I have 4 Modules to check any Particular Query in the Horoscope. Birth Chart is like a Passport, Visa and Ticket and is a Static Chart whether the Flight is available or not Birth chart cannot Predict. For this reason most 99.99 % Astrologer fail miserably. Dynamic charts have to be created to find your present Karmas to evaluate the Results of the Queries. Birth chart only shows the Previous Janma Karmas .
For Your Information I am the Only Astrologer in the world who Predicted Virus Spread from China through out the world after the Solar Eclipse of the 26th Dec . 2019 and I made this Prediction on the 17th Sept. 2019. I also Predicted that this Virus will take serious shape after the March 2021 and then will start to ease after the 10th May 2021 and all My Predictions have been 100 %
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Astrologer Anil Aggarwala - Man Who Can See Tomorrow - Astrodoc Anil https://www.astrodocanil.com/ www.astrodocanil.in
More then 1600 Predictions and Success 96-97 % True made in Advance and No Postmortem. 3rd Wave is expected to Trouble the World from 21st June to 20th Nov. 2021 and specially between the 14th Sept to 2nd Dec. 2021 in the Immediate future
One to one talk is very essential to get the answers to my Queries in the attachment
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Acharaya Anil Aggarwala
BSc. Prod. Engg. PEC Ch.
Jyotish Acharaya BVB New Delhi
Research Under Guidance Of Sh K N Rao
Award Winner In Astrology By BVB New Delhi