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A sign of fertility and a symbol of harvesting, Libra is a great sign that is not only inanimate but also unusual. Libra raises itself when people start harvesting their crops.
All other sun signs represent one or the other animal but Libra is quite different and fresh; it is quite different and unique in all forms. Libra also symbolizes a composed mind and balanced life. It is a sign for all seasons. Its very calms, mellowed and relaxed when compared to other sun signs. Just look at those Librans and study how they behave and act with their friends and colleagues.
In almost all cases, they are well mannered and highly relaxed in their behavior. Librans are very intelligent and smart. Librans are highly polished and well mannered with a sense of superior civility.
They are also charming and magical! They like harmony and equilibrium in life. They are kind and cordial to other people. It seems that Libra 2011 yearly horoscope signifies immense gains and precious property. Of all the sun signs, Libra seems to be the most fortunate especially throughout 2011. All Librans have a great period ahead in the year 2011. Peace and prosperity come naturally to them in the New Year. In spite of innumerable successes, there may be instances of some failures and disappointments especially in workplaces.
Libra 2011
Libra 2011 Career and Income
Year 2011 Libra horoscope is a stabilized period of relaxation and normalcy because of the favorable confluence of two planets like Venus and Mars. Career related aspects or money related matters might not work to your advantage especially in the first half of the year. However, the second part of the year may pose some trouble or hiccups. In summary, the year 2011 is very good for all Librans because of the stability in both job and income. It is more likely that some Librans changing their place of work and residence in the last quarter of the year. This change is always good for them as it can bring them a remarkable change in their social and personal life.
A gain in stock market or financial investment is a certainty in the last quarter of the year while speculators and commodity exchange traders may stand to make lot of profits. Career promotion and pay hikes are also very common for many Librans. However, Librans may spend a lot of money throughout the year that they may need to curb in order to save for the rainy day. Hard work and dedication may make Librans unbeatable in all aspects of their career.
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