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A Scorpio is a very intensive animal and a persuasive creature. The entire zodiacal system is full of glorious animals and the Scorpio is the most secretive animal of them. People born under this sun sign are extremely passionate,
secretive, magnetic, demanding and thoughtful. Dedication and single-minded attention are two of the most precious qualities that come naturally to these people. They pay attention to every detail while their sense of ambition can get them what they want. They can be the undisputed winners in any profession they show provided they work towards their goals.
They can be vindictive and jealous if they find that something is occurring that goes against their wishes and needs. They will need to exercise enough caution to guard against such tendencies, as they can be counter-productive in the end.
Scorpio 2011 yearly horoscope can be a mixed bag of results with some pleasing results interspersed with equally bad occurrences. People who are pursuing long-term goals can get unqualified success in the last parts of the year. Those who do not possess any goals may feel stranded in the middle. However, the New Year may not bring very bad results. The whole year is just above average with right type of advancements in the career front as well as family domain. In general, Scorpio people will feel energetic and enthusiastic about their work and action
Scorpio 2011
Scorpio 2011 Career and Income
The months of January and February will bring much needed changes in the workplace when Scorpios have the fortune of getting the long cherished pay hikes or promotions. However, the result obtained may not be up to the expected levels. The changes that occur in the workplace may not be too satisfactory as the relationship with colleagues may be just ordinary. In all, Scorpios may start the New Year on a low key. The 2011 Scorpio horoscope for career may see a dramatic shift during the middle phase of the year when some Scorpios may get the biggest success of their life in the form of promotion to a higher position. Money and fame come along with the new position as well. The second part of the year is one full of surprises and successes when some Scorpios will reach the pinnacle of their career with the right type of incentives coming along their path. Positive mental outlook coupled unlimited energy will help them to work towards other important goals.
Many Scorpios may play their philanthropic roles during this time. Social circle will grow bigger day by day while the long awaited investments will show amazing returns. Positive results come their way during the last months of the year especially in the investments made in stock markets. The year 2011 Scorpio yearly horoscope could provide the most eventful year in the Scorpios life because they can convert everything into gold with their hard work and dedication.
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