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Gems are crystalline minerals or petrified material that can be used as a distinct and advantageous remedial measure in astrology. Gems are considered to be the best for strengthing the positive influences of planets. They intensify the rays of the planets they represent. Each gem stone is specific to acertain planet and takes positive traits of that planet . People since ancient times have sensed powerful energies emanating from gemstone crystals and their ability to bring good fortune and ward off evil.
These beautiful, cold, hard stones are believed to provide supernatural powers that would protect the wearer from illness, misfortune and danger. In modern times practitioners have taken to using the energy that they believe lies locked away inside a crystal as a healing force.
These healers work on the basis that the colour of the selected crystal should correspond closely with the main energy points of the body known as chakras. When the vibrations within a gemstone are in harmony with the particular vibrations of the wearer, they complement each other. This will then ensure a state of well being. Conversely, when the peak and troughs of the vibrations are out of phase they cancel each other and there is no effect.
Gemstone controls the body's energy-flow by diverting the negative impacts and allowing positive influence. Wearing a gemstone is no longer considered superstitious and has been proven factual by the scientists too. So, get ready to find out your gemstone and start radiating positive vibes
Gems not only empower a planet but also bring about all round prosperity and happiness, and have also been found to be very useful in curing various diseases as all the disease and disorders are caused by various combinations and distributions of planets. Gem therapy can cure worst of diseases let it be cancer of any type , or a cardiac disorder. While selecting a gem one should be careful and aware of the appalling ill effects which a gem can have if not worn according to the planetary arrangement in one's horoscope. Selection of a wrong gem can be a dirct and straight forward threat to life.
Astroshastra provides you with the best quality, genuine, appropriate gemstones of certain weights which can be worn in forms of rings or pendent, completely furnished and guaranteed . We also inform you regarding the time of wearing the gem and placement . Read the various effects of the gems and select the most suitable gemstone for yourself also refer to our Astro- gemologists for an excellent and satisfactory working of the gem .
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