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Pisces is a fickle minded sun sign. It is also the last sun sign of the zodiac. It signifies conflicting and clashing signals with a deep and wavering mind. However,
Pisces is a dynamic and agile fish! Pisces also signifies agility and quickness that may possibly the best indicators of nervousness and agitation of mind. Pisces is also a sign related to the soul and mind. Water is needed for survival! Without water, no one can survive. Pisceans are spiritual and conventional in nature with an agile and keen mind to explore things that are beyond their imagination.
Piscean people are also very friendly, sentimental, sacrificing and generous. They can also be very kind and affectionate to other people. However, they can be extremely negative at times and become nervous when there is a big challenge.
Pisces 2011 yearly horoscope may bring about some changes in the Pisceans’ life. Some of them are for good, while the others are not so good. Unexpected problems coupled with occasional successes dot the horoscope. One negative thing about Piscean horoscope is that people belonging to this sign can become nervous and scared, when they fail in doing the work they are supposed to do.
Pisces 2011
Pisces 2011 Career and Income
Career people will have rollicking time during most parts of the year. That is what the 2011 Aquarius yearly horoscope predicts in honest terms! The first quarter is a great period, when most Aquarians will taste success. In fact, they may start the New Year with a big bang, possibly with a long awaited promotion or even a pay hike. Repeated success and workplace peace are two biggest benefits for Aquarians. Sudden gains are in the air for those Aquarians who are in business. However, the second quarter may indicate some sort of problems in the workplace, especially in the personal relationship with coworkers. However, their personal relationship skills will help them solve any problems within no time. Some Aquarians may change their jobs and homes in search for better positions. They may face some unexpected expenses beyond their income.
Traveling to other countries is a distinct possibility for career Aquarians. The second half of the year is beneficial in a number of aspects. They will show their abilities as a very good office worker or as an innovative entrepreneur. The New Year 2011 Aquarius horoscope will see these people solve all pending problems with a sense of purpose and determination. The last month of the year may see some unexpected problems related to relocation to a new place. This may take some time to solve the problem, as the situation will be fresh and new.
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