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A typical Cancer person is an acutely sensitive individual and secretive. Cancer sign is also very private and hidden with its own likes and dislikes
A Cancer person can hide his or her emotions with utmost secret. A person who is born under this sign is too emotional and nostalgic with old memories haunting the conscience all the time. Hence, Cancer people can be too fragile and mentally sensitive to any situation that demands mental stability. However, these people are simply lovable and affectionate! They can be very loving, caring and dedicated to people whom they admire
In nature, crabs live on the shores of seas and oceans which are possibly the most dynamic and energetic place on the earth. Because of the ever-changing environment, crabs have the immense ability to protect itself from all lurking dangers.
Cancer 2011 yearly horoscope could be a special year for all Cancer people. The New Year could bring you very good news with special occasions helping you to enjoy the very essence of life. Because of the favorable confluence of Mars and Venus, people who are born under this sign could show signs of hyperactivity and energy. These people may make an effort to mix with different people and make friendship with at least some of them. Self-confidence will come back to them thus making them overtly ambitious and goal driven.
Cancer in 2011
Cancer 2011 Career and Income
Cancer 2011 horoscope has some interesting things coming in the career front. In spite of all those bubbles of unlimited energy and enthusiasm, Cancer people may still find the going tough in the work place especially during the last quarter of the New Year. The first quarter of the year may be just above average for those who are seeking better career options. They may feel the intense pressure of work in the middle parts of the year while working relationship with the superior may sour in the latter parts of the year. The results obtained during this part of the year may not be too good. The middle phase of the year is extremely good for investing and making money. Bankers and investors can do well in the third quarter of the year while people looking for promotion and pay hike can expect to get their share in the first quarter of the New Year.
The first six months of the year will see Cancer people getting more creative and innovative. Cancer 2011 yearly horoscope will bring a sense of stability to people belonging to this sign. However, the months of September and October may see people spending too much money on things that are unwanted and wasteful. Financial results are good and satisfactory especially in the months of December and early months of 2011.
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